Used PAT Testers, Ex Demonstration and New PAT Testers

Welcome to PATE Portable Appliance Testing Equipment, we are specialist suppliers in PAT testing equipment and accessories both new and used. we also Test and Calibrate portable appliance test equipment

Second Hand PAT Testers Used and Ex demo (and new)

Low cost prices for second hand PAT testers! If you are looking for a low cost price on a second hand PAT tester, then look no further!

We also repair and calibrate all types of testers.

We carry a large stock of New & Service Exchange Units and spares

Why Calibrate

To ensure that the original PAT Tester manufacturer specifications for accuracy are still met and that electrical appliances being tested will not fall into the wrong Pass or Fail category! Many Quality Managers and PAT manufacturers insist that periodic calibration is carried out or whenever the test readings are suspect. Calibration Certificates can form a vital link in your quality procedures for any portable appliance tester. You will have confidence in using your P.A.T. tester knowing that it is still performing within the manufacturer specifications.


Sales, Support and After Care

Servicing, Repairs and Calibration with much reduced lead times

A replacement unit whilst yours is in the workshop We offer part exchange for your old unit.

PAT Training

Looking to get certification for Portable Appliance Testing

look no further we can supply you with the necessary training to be a fully accomplished tester.

Please see our parent website for large selection of training courses www.ntcuk.co.uk

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